Recent Acquisitions

Fine and Applied Arts, and History


  • Dirk Jan Biemond
  • Gijs van der Ham
  • Hester Kuiper
  • Esther L. Pitoun
  • Jenny Reynaerts
  • Frits Scholten
  • Matthias Ubl



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Author Biographies

Dirk Jan Biemond

Dirk Jan Biemond is the curator of metals at the Rijksmuseum.

Gijs van der Ham

Gijs van der Ham was since 2001 senior curator of history and the curator of coins and medals at the Rijksmuseum. He retired in 2021.

Hester Kuiper

Hester Kuiper is project coordinator of provenance research at the History Department of the Rijksmuseum. She specializes in academic research in the period of the Second World War.

Esther L. Pitoun

Esther L. Pitoun studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. As a research intern at the Rijksmuseum’s Sculpture Department, she was involved in the study of the two works by François du Quesnoy that recently entered the department.

Jenny Reynaerts

Jenny Reynaerts is senior curator of paintings at the Rijksmuseum. She specializes in nineteenth-century painting and is in charge of the project Women of the Rijksmuseum.

Frits Scholten

Frits Scholten is the senior curator of sculpture at the Rijksmuseum and holds the Rijksmuseum Chair of the History of Western Sculpture at the University of Amsterdam.

Matthias Ubl

Matthias Ubl is the curator of early Netherlandish and German painting and stained glass at the Rijksmuseum.




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Biemond, Dirk Jan, Gijs van der Ham, Hester Kuiper, Esther L. Pitoun, Jenny Reynaerts, Frits Scholten, and Matthias Ubl. 2022. “Recent Acquisitions: Fine and Applied Arts, and History”. The Rijksmuseum Bulletin 70 (3):258-95.