Print Room Acquisitions


  • Mattie Boom
  • Niels van Maanen
  • Alied Ottevanger
  • Robert-Jan te Rijdt
  • Hans Rooseboom
  • Ilona van Tuinen



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Author Biographies

Mattie Boom

Mattie Boom is curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum and recently published her dissertation, Everyone a Photographer: The Rise of Amateur Photography in the Netherlands 1880-1940 (2019).

Niels van Maanen

Niels van Maanen is junior curator of modern and contemporary prints and drawings in the Rijksmuseum’s Print Room.

Alied Ottevanger

Alied Ottevanger is curator of twentieth century prints and drawings in the Rijksmuseum’s Print Room.

Robert-Jan te Rijdt

Robert-Jan te Rijdt is the curator of eighteenth and nineteenth-century drawings in the Rijksmuseum’s Print Room and a member of the editorial board of Delineavit et Sculpsit, a journal for Dutch and Flemish Prints and Drawings.

Hans Rooseboom

Hans Rooseboom is curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum. He co-authored New Realities: Photography in the Nineteenth Century (2017) and Modern Times: Photography in the Twentieth Century (2014). In 2019 he published a thematic history of photography (in Dutch): Lichtjaren.

Ilona van Tuinen

Ilona van Tuinen is the curator of sixteenth and seventeenth-century drawings in the Rijksmuseum’s Print Room.




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Boom, Mattie, Niels van Maanen, Alied Ottevanger, Robert-Jan te Rijdt, Hans Rooseboom, and Ilona van Tuinen. 2020. “Print Room Acquisitions”. The Rijksmuseum Bulletin 68 (4):367-98.