Acquisitions: Twentieth-Century Fine and Applied Arts


  • Pim Arts
  • Roby Boes
  • Oskar Ekkelboom
  • Ludo van Halem
  • Suzanne van Leeuwen
  • Bianca M. du Mortier
  • Harm Stevens



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Author Biographies

Pim Arts

Pim Arts currently specializes in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Dutch painting. He worked as a trainee curator and assistant curator at the Rijksmuseum, and as a researcher at the National Gallery in Washington.

Roby Boes

Roby Boes is junior curator at Museum Singer Laren. Previously she worked as a trainee curator, cataloguer and project assistant at the Rijksmuseum.

Oskar Ekkelboom

Oscar Ekkelboom is trainee curator of twentieth-century art at the Rijksmuseum, as part of the Masters programme Curating Arts and Cultures of the University of Amsterdam / Vrije Universiteit.

Ludo van Halem

Ludo van Halem is the curator of twentieth-century art at the Rijksmuseum.

Suzanne van Leeuwen

Suzanne van Leeuwen is the junior curator and conservator of jewellery at the Rijksmuseum.

Bianca M. du Mortier

Bianca M. du Mortier is the curator of costume at the Rijksmuseum. In 2016 she published Mode & Kostuum, featuring eighty highlights in the collection. Currently she is working on a handbook on seventeenth-century fashion in the Netherlands.

Harm Stevens

Harm Stevens is the curator of the twentieth century at the history department of the Rijksmuseum.




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Arts, Pim, Roby Boes, Oskar Ekkelboom, Ludo van Halem, Suzanne van Leeuwen, Bianca du Mortier, and Harm Stevens. 2019. “Acquisitions: Twentieth-Century Fine and Applied Arts”. The Rijksmuseum Bulletin 67 (3):246-79.