Recent Acquisitions


  • Jan de Hond
  • Bianca M. du Mortier
  • Alied Ottevanger
  • Jenny Reynaerts
  • Frits Scholten
  • Lucinda Timmermans
  • Jeroen van der Vliet



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Author Biographies

Jan de Hond

Jan de Hond is a curator of history at the Rijksmuseum and one of the editors of The Rijksmuseum Bulletin.

Bianca M. du Mortier

Bianca M. du Mortier is the curator of costume
at the Rijksmuseum.

Alied Ottevanger

Alied Ottevanger is the curator of twentiethcentury prints and drawings in the Rijksmuseum Print Room.

Jenny Reynaerts

Jenny Reynaerts is the senior curator of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century painting at the Rijksmuseum.

Frits Scholten

Frits Scholten is the senior curator of sculpture at the Rijksmuseum and holds the Rijksmuseum Chair in the History of Western Sculpture at the University of Amsterdam.

Lucinda Timmermans

Lucinda Timmermans is the junior curator of metals at the Rijksmuseum.

Jeroen van der Vliet

Jeroen van der Vliet is the senior curator at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam and was the curator of maritime collections at the Rijksmuseum until September 2017.




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de Hond, Jan, Bianca du Mortier, Alied Ottevanger, Jenny Reynaerts, Frits Scholten, Lucinda Timmermans, and Jeroen van der Vliet. 2018. “Recent Acquisitions”. The Rijksmuseum Bulletin 66 (3):278-303.